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Discover a limitless world of learning. Linorel serves as a global market place where teachers and students find each other and plan their learning according to their needs. Learning new things and developing new skills is fun!

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Either you keep the lock locked or you go for the key. You have all the potentials and LINOREL got the keys to unlock them.



Online education is accessible education. With increased access to the internet, people of all ages, and from many different walks of life can come together to celebrate learning. For those with mobility issues, online learning opens a window to the world that might otherwise be out of reach.



Students who love to learn or who learn in their own way often need more than what is available in a traditional classroom.



Linorel will provide certification of completion for all your courses. You will receive your certificate immediately upon the successful completion of your course without fees, written requests or delays.



Linorel is a converging point for learners of all walks of life. With Beginning, intermediate, and advanced courses you can find the perfect match for your need



Linorel works diligently with experienced and qualified teachers who create quality course content

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Linorel encourages curiosity.  Education is all about Investigating the world around you and asking questions about what you see and learn. Below please find some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) that clients have brought to us, and our answers that helped them to understand who we are and how we work to offer you the best.

Linorel strives to serve EVERYONE who wants to learn. We offer courses for students, parents, teachers, professionals; for people from ALL walks of life and for ALL ages, living in ALL parts of the world where internet access is not an issue. Some students just need a little extra support for their current coursework. Others want to explore new subjects and ideas.

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Do you have a passion for teaching? Are you excited sharing your skills and knowledge with the rest of the world? At Linorel, the world is reachable with a click of a mouse. With Linorel, you the teacher you are in charge not just of what you do but also the students who are also passionate about your skills and knowledge.

Join one of the world’s fastest growing educational platform and begin sharing your skills with the rest of the world. Register with Linorel, register a course and start making money. It is that simple. The world is a click of the mouse away.


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